Insurance made simple

Roadzen is building technology infrastructure that powers the global insurance economy. Insurers and partners across the world use our technology to launch new products, manage risk better and resolve claims faster.

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Digital Evolution of Global Insurance

Insurance is a $5.5 trillion industry that accounts for 6% of global GDP. Yet, digital transactions account for less than 8% of gross written premium (GWP). Advances in smartphone penetration, data ubiquity and AI have created a massive opportunity to shape the digital insurance economy. Roadzen is leading a data-driven future for insurance. Our technology accelerates growth, reduces ineffiencies and improves profitability for insurance companies while keeping customers at the center of the experience.

Insurance as a Service Stack

  • Products

    The top stack of our platform is off-the-shelf products that enable you to go live in days, not months utilizing our underlying technology architecture. Our growing suite of products include auto underwriting, claims and assistance, telematics, travel, mobile and e-commerce insurance - all in an integrated, open, real-time platform.

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  • Underwriting

    Our rating engine empowers insurers to underwrite risk in real-time using 3rd party and in-house data sources to deliver dynamic pricing for each policy insured. As more data accumulates, better recursive patterns emerge creating precise assessment of risk.

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  • Distribution

    Our architecture enables an API-led distribution layer to embed and distribute policies through any channel. Direct integrations, SDKs, Chatbots, Mini-apps or whitelabeled apps, we operate with and optimize at every level of the distribution stack. Our digital identity, KYC and payments protocols make customer onboarding painless.

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  • Claims

    Whether parametric, assisted or self-service - our engine handles all claims using algorithmic triage protocols, video and deep learning for faster and more accurate resolution. Our deep ecosystem includes loss adjustors, repairers, assistance and payments for a one-stop solution to simplify and transform the claims journey.

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  • Infrastructure

    Our cloud based infrastructure provides reliability, scalability, and security. Our systems operate with 99.8%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. Roadzen is certified to the highest compliance standards.

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Remove Insurance Complexity

We integrate with internal and external data providers, core systems, payment platforms and distribution partners to allow our clients to do more with less. Our clients integrate with an API or SDK rather than spending months stitching together different IT systems. A plugged in ecosystem of repair networks and providers ensures that we are ready to deliver on Day One.

Roadzen is Forbes top 10 Technology & AI Innovators pick 2021
Roadzen is a insuretech-icon a selection as the world’s 100 most innovative Insurtech in 2021 by Fintech Global.