We are building an operating system for global insurance by connecting technology, distribution and underwriting capital.

At Roadzen, we marry technologies such as mobility, computer vision and AI with augmented data to build beautiful consumer products for our insurance partners. These products are built with dynamic underwriting capabilities, API-led distribution and real-time claims processing. At the heart of our mission is to create transparency, efficiency, and seamless experience for the millions of customers who use our products through these partnerships.

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2015 Roadzen Launched
5 Global offices
50+ Clients
250+ Employees
Millions of Happy customers

We Are All About the People

People are at the heart of our organization, each of us driven by our mission to build better insurance, together.

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Operating Principles

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High Performance, Ownership and Impact

We thrive on excellence, responsibility, and adaptability to change. High performance in our largely flat structure means keeping high standards for your work and the work of those around you. It also means striving for constant improvement to raise our bar as a company. Ownership is about taking initiative and making decisions to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

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As no playbook exists for many of the problems we are solving, we look and re-look at the best ideas that we can bring to the table through rigorous thought, debate and action. This is fostered by a culture of respect and kindness where everyone has a voice. We believe that backing the best ideas with committed action is the key to building world-class products.

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Play, with Purpose

We have fun, indulge our curiosities, build for the long term and do things differently. This isn't just a job, it's a place to be authentic, express ourselves fully and bring purpose to what we are building.

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Innovate and Collaborate

To us innovation is the default mindset, a hard-wired desire to improve things. The better we collaborate, the more effective we are. Strong teams are built when we embrace both.

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Move Fast and Build

Many of the problems we are solving require fast access to market for validation. Our clients care about the details as they are making fundamental business decisions based on our technology. This means we have to move with urgency yet keep deliberate focus on the details. A culture that rewards builders is the key to our success.

Who is talking about Us

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Roadzen is Forbes top 10 Technology & AI Innovators pick 2021
Roadzen is a insuretech-icon a selection as the world’s 100 most innovative Insurtech in 2021 by Fintech Global.