Auto Insurance

Using photos, video-streaming and computer vision, we can inspect a vehicle in record time to assess value, risk-profile and damages. This allows us to issue policies in real-time upon asset evaluation, and settle claims 10x faster while reducing fraud. Roadzenā€™s Xclaim platform digitizes and automates end-to-end claims. We deliver the best customer experience and improved outcomes over millions of claims for the world's leading insurers.


Telematics and UBI

Our portfolio of complete IoT solutions combine hardware and software to bring real-time visibility, safety, analytics, and AI to the operations of passenger cars and connected fleets. This underlying data is used to create risk models for behavioral, user and usage based underwriting. A driver score is generated to indicate the risk across a number of components including contextual speed, time of day, smooth driving and road risk.



DrivebuddyAI is a V2X dashcam using video and computer vision to bring ADAMATICS (ADAS + Telematics) capabilities that can be retrofit to any vehicle. The system continuously monitors the road ahead and utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze potential hazards. Reduced distractions and colission avoidance leads to better underwriting outcomes and loss control for insurers and commercial fleets. The Drivebuddy system is not just safer for fleets but also used for more accurate driver logging, fleet utilization and visual mapping.


Roadside Assistance

Our white-labelled roadside assistance platform, StrandD provides accident management, e-call, b-call, network management and digital dispatch capabilities to get customers back on the road quickly. A digitally enabled and integrated network that we are able to serve customers anytime of the day. We're working with industry-leading automotive companies, insurers, aggregators and fleets to power their assistance needs.

Connected Fleets